What do you do when you're wrapped in a dream and the dream has frayed
A stranger now sits at the table where you once presided
Where conversation always flowed you now stand deserted
Bent out of shape

Where do you hide when your dreams are exposed to the harsh light of day
Awake in your sleep, half asleep wide awake, sleepwalking in a haze
Like a tree after the fall barren and forsaken
Like a shadow on the wall grotesquely distorted
Your world is bent out of shape

Hunched over laptops and faceless pages longing for someone to reach
Searching for life in all the wrong places nothing can take its place
Looking to catch the next wave in the junkyard of cyberspace
Life is passing you by in the blink of an eye

So run out the door, run for your life, fly down the stairs and over the gate
Into the streets and out of the city, past the old man with a grin on his face
Over the hills, into the fields, right up to the edge of the world
Where no one can hurt you and nothing can harm you
Once you make that leap of faith
Make that leap of faith!