Did you ever think the time would come
When the prophecies of doom would see the light of day
How bad will it get before the whole thing melts
You think you know the answer but you ain’t seen nothing yet

Do you really think that we stand a chance
When everything around us reeks of decadence
How much will it take before everything gives
We’re about to find out fasten your seatbelt

You’ve read the book
You’ve seen the play
Now, you’re acting in the movie

When everything you read reads between the lines
And everything you see lies before your eyes
How much can you spin how tight can you wind
Before the truth comes blowing like smoke out of your eyes

You’ve read the book
You’ve seen the play
And now, you’re acting in the movie
Playing the heavy against your will
In a strange and gloomy documentary

Someone else should write the next line
A brave new act, an unexpected rhyme
Someone please rewind this film
And change the reel before the final scene